Food Insecurity:Future full of hunger.


It is pretty certain that we wil be spending considerable effort and resources in this century on measures to prevent humanity falling into the abyss of hunger and man made disaster. Centuries of ruthless exploitation of nature has taken its toll. Drastic climate change is almost a certainty. Food security or the lack of it is the biggest fallout of our deplorable past.
Sign board at drang
This sign board in the forests of drang, north kashmir, placed in the backdrop of tree stumps epitomises both the need as well as the greed of human society.
Pic credits: green hopes.

The forests have been the worst victims of vandalism in kashmir for the past several decades.
Pic credits: green hopes.

Construction in paddy land
Unchecked use of paddy land for constructing residential buildings constitutes a major threat to our food security.
Pic credits: green hopes.
ply wood factory
This ply board manufacturing , in district budgam, has been constructed on prime agricultural land.
Pic credits: green hopes.
constructions galore
Unregulated land use has resulted in the compromise of food security. Constructions like this are a common sight in rural kashmir.

Pic credits: green hopes.
paddy enchroached
Trampling the food bowl.constructions galore on fertile agricultural land.
Pic credits: green hopes.

 grazing on the rocks
Traditional grazing lands in rural kashmir have been enchroached and are fast disappearing. No wonder these sheep find the compound on an under construction electrical recieving station the only place to graze in Wadwan village in Budgam , 20 kms from srinagar.
Pic credits: green hopes.

kilns in paddy
Despite adoption of cleaner and cheaper construction technologies all over the world, we are still at the mercy of these poison spewing kilns which are a source of tremendous land and air pollution. Scores of such kilns have sprung up all over kashmir on agricultural land.
Pic credits: green hopes.

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