Conceptualised over a decade back in 1997, Green Hopes was started as a nameless entity by a group of enthusiasts. At that time there were countless Non-Governmental Organisations spanning the length and breadth of Kashmir, most of them ineffectual, and adding another one to the list would have least  served the cause.More so because the credibility of NGO’s was absymally low and unfortunately continues to be so  . Individually , a vast majority of kashmiri people yearn for effective engagement in efforts as a means of social emancipation and change. Given the poor image of NGO’s , an alternative means had to be found to channelise this energy to fuel a gradual but steady change.Volunteerism can be an effective means to achieve change.To sustain volunteerism , the spirit of selfless  service and high levels of motivation are primary resources relegating material resources to the second place. This is quite a contrast to the conventional NGO’s many of whom are driven purely by means and not motivation.So far i have funded this venture entirely from my own resources.

Green Hopes started with a single volunteer i.e, myself in the summer of 2005.Today we have about thirty dedicated volunteers who contribute zealoulsly in several ways.Our main focus is food security and environment.Gradually we plan to spread our activities to the length and breadth of Kashmir to serve not only our fellow citizens but ultimately our own selves.We have a vision to achieve our long term objectives.

See who is volunteering for us. Check out here.

GREEN HOPES is currently a partner of ” CLEAN UP THE WORLD ” campaign, which is supported by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

Click here to see the member certificate.

We are also listed as a Civil Society Organisation in the Major Groups Directory of the UNEP.

We are currently running several campaigns on the environment and food security fronts. Besides the clean up the world campaign, we are also spearheading the campaign against polythene and plastics in kashmir.Click here to visit the campaign site and support the mission of  consigning plastic nags to the dustbin of history.

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