I have been consistently trying to reach out to the masses in whatever medium i can to get the message through. Print media is still an effective way of reaching out. This page will chronicle all the relevant media content in this regard.

 This week the work of green hopes got a  wider platform for dissemination and some appreciation when IBN7 a part of TV 18 a leading media group associated with CNN included a feature on Khushaal Sar, a dying lake in Srinagar, Kashmir in its citizen journalist programme on Sunday, 29th of June 2008 at 4.30 pm. Khushaal sar is on the path to becoming another Brari numbal and it that horrendous transition is imminent. I wish to applaud and appreciate IBN7 for carrying this public interest message.

click here to view the post on khushaal sar.

Green Hopes again featured on the Citizen Journalist Web site of IBN Live.Photographs of vehicular pollution and traffic chaos in Srinagar, Kashmir and its periphery featured on the site.Another attempt to highlight a public issue.Click here to check it out yourself.

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