We believe in collective tought and action. Individual effort often lacks impact and direction and tends to fizzle out quickly. We have a great team of volunteers who often join me in this noble cause. We call them ‘Green Angels’, a group which has many common beliefs and concerns.

We salute the selfless service of our volunteers. This page is dedicated to their efforts in the service of humanity. If you are concerned about the state of the environment and wish to volunteer for this cause you are most welcome. Your location should not be a problem. You could be anywhere in the world and still be able to contribute.


S.No Name of Volunteer Occupation
1 Tanseela Yousuf House Wife
2 Mr. Shabir Hussain Mirani Government Servant
3 Dr. Syed Anjum Andrabi. Veterinarian
4 Dr. Manzoor Ahmad Wani Veterinarian
5 Ms. Nazima Post Grad Scholar
6 Dr. S Tariq Ahmad Medico- Surgeon Specialist
7 Ms. Asima  Teacher
8 Ms. Mubashir Psychologist
9 Dr.Tabasum N Qadri Masters(Environmental Botany)Ph D(Botany) -Teacher
10 Ms. Nazia  Teacher
11 Dr. Imran Mumtaz Medical Practitioner
12 Dr. Samina Medical Practitioner
13 Dr. Shuja ul Rehman Veterinarian
14 Ms. Mehrukh Student
15 Mr. Manzoor Ahmad Dar Government Servant
16 Ms. Fejaj Yousuf Student
17 Ms. Nusrat Shafi PG(Rural Development )-House Wife
18 Mr. Farooq Ahmad Sheikh Para-Veterinarian
19 Mr. Nazir Ahmad Khan Para-Veterinarian
20 Mr. Mehraj u din Wani Para-Veterinarian
21 Mr. Syed Shah Niyaz Entrepreneur
22 Mr. Bashir Ahmad Akhoon Para-Veterinarian
23 Mr. Imtiyaz Hussain(Tribal Nomad) Engaged in Livestock Rearing
24 Mr. Nisar Ahmad (Tribal Nomad) Engaged in Livestock Rearing
25 Ms. Sanah Majeed  Masters ( Enviro. Sciences) 

Every effort from every volunteer is commendable and appreciated. Special thanks are, however, due to Dr. Anjum Andrabi and Mr. Shabir Mirani for making Green Hopes possible.

To be a part of our mission or to just send a few words of encouragement please use the contact form below:

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