A vision of hope
The launch of Green Hopes was inspired directly by Climate Change and its effects. Our mistakes have come to haunt us as our miseries. We exploited our natural resources beyond sustainable limits and the result is obvious now. Terrible weather patterns wreaking havoc all around. Sadly it is not flu or fever which will go away in a day or two. It is here to stay. We cannot live in helplessness and despair. That will aggravate the situation. We must act. Act now.
So we acted too…
First realisation, then awareness and subsequently action. Now we got reason for hope.
Our vision is mitigation of climate change by
1. Conservation of natural resources like rivers, lakes, streams, oceans, forests.
2. Encouraging reduction of carbon footprint as a mission by adoption of clean technologies,  rejection of hazardous and carbon generating habits.This will lead to increased food security and reduce the probability and occurrence of climate change.
3. Development and demonstration of low cost model for tackling climate change by involvement by instilling environment responsibility values in common masses.

We plan to realise our vision by

A. Documenting Climate change and food insecurity.
B. Making people aware of climate change and convince them to accept it as a fact. Most people in our part of the world are either in denial mode or are completely unaware of climate change.
C. Inform people of the causes of climate change and convince them of the cause-effect relationship.
D. Explain the concept of carbon footprint.
E. Help people adopt ways of reducing their carbon footprint by conserving natural resources, stopping the damage to them and adopting revival strategies.
F. Promotion of sustainable development.
G. Inculcating the values of environmental conservation in children.

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