BRARI NUMBAL- Pearl of Yore, Today’s Eye Sore


Brari Numbal, a hub of inland water transport in srinagar, kashmir just a few decades back is today a stinking, poisonous and menacingly ugly cesspool. Incessant flow of sewage and polythene, relentless enchroachments and blocking of its drainage points has caused the premature death of this legendry and once beautiful water body. Not long ago , shikaras and boats used to be boarded here for undertaking long sojourns, often lasting for days together, into the dal lake. Today, from this water body emanates a stench of death and neglect. Most people believe that its has been lost forever. A tragic loss indeed!.
electrical installation in brari numbal
Not to be left behind the electric department has also done its share of damage.
Pic credits: green hopes.
Dirty greens
Ugly greens. Masking the devastation
Pic credits: green hopes.
Sewage treatment plant
Fatal remedy. This sewage treatment plant has added to the woes of brari numbal instead of salvaging it
Pic credits: green hopes.
Back waters
A view of the back waters
Pic credits: green hopes.

logs on reclaimed land
locking the lagoon
Locking the lake. Shameless!!!. Not only have these vegetable growers enchroached upon the lagoon they have also ut up gates which are locked as if it is their ancestral property.
Pic credits: green hopes.
black water
The black waters of Brari Numbal.Pic credits: green hopes.
Concrete constructions have sprung up all around and inside the peripheries of brari numbal. Pic credits: green hopes.
The outlet of brari numbal through which house boats used to traverse has been reduced to a narrow drain. Pic credits: green hopes.
Poisonous vegetable
Harvesting the disaster.A large part of brari numbal has been converted into a solid land mass used for vegetable cultivation irrigated by the poisonous waters.
Pic credits: shabir mirani.
De-weeding and dredging in progress in brari numbal.Pic credits: green hopes
This salvaging effort may unfortunately have come too late to be of any real impact. Nevertheless all efforts at conservation, belated ones included are reason for hope and need to be lauded.
Pic credits: green hopes
repulsive sight
The repulsive sight of brari numbal. Pic credits: green hopes.

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  1. It is sad that things have come to this stage. The major factors for degradation of brari numbal are the filling of nallah mar and dumping of untreated sewage into it.

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