Kashmir Unwinded: Nature at its serene best

Kashmir-God’s bowl of beauty potion dropped on this part of the earth.
Lotus Beauty

Lotus delight-Nigeen Lake ,Srinagar

Pic Credits: green hopes
Lotus Bloom

Lotus bloom-Nigeen Lake ,Srinagar
Pic Credits: green hopes
Lotus Bloom-Evening Hues

Lotus bloom ,Evening Hues
Pic Credits: green hopes
Waves in Nigeen Lake

After noon wind whips up waves in the Nigeen Lake, Srinagar
Pic Credits: green hopes
Water flow at the settling basin

A view of the water flow at the settling basin of tel bal nallah, fore shore road
Pic Credits: green hopes
A clean area of Nigeen lake

A cleaner area of nigeen lake, srinagar, kashmir
Pic Credits: green hopes
Lotus Leaf in Dal Lake

A lotus leaf floating in Dal Lake, Kashmir. Pic credits: greenhopes
Colors of nature.Tangmarg , Kashmir

Flowers in full bloom,Tangmarg,North Kashmir
Pic Credits:green hopes
Ski Slopes in Summer.

Ski slopes of Gulmarg,Kashmir turn green in summer
Pic Credits:green hopes
Bloom in the wild.

Wild flowers in full bloom. Gulmarg,Kashmir
Pic Credits:green hopes
Gushing waters of Ferozpur Nallah. Drang,Tangmarg, Kashmir

Liquid Majesty.Famous Ferozpur Nallah, Drang, Tangmarg,Kashmir
Pic Credits:green hopes


Nearer to God among the greens, Church at Gulmarg,Kashmir

Pic Credits:green hopes

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  1. asalam-u-alikum
    i am in short of words to express my joy to see your mission for green kashmir. i wish to confess that it was my childhood dream to work for such a cause, but i coudn’t get the right track. may god bless you for this mission. if there is any space for me in your organization i would love to work for this noble mission.
    looking forward for ur response
    allah hafiz

  2. Wow!! These photos are trully amazing – Can’t wait to see the real thing!!

    I’m an Aussie student travelling through India and my partner and I are looking to make it to Kashmir in May… Is there anything we can do as volunteers to help Green Hopes with their campaigns during that time?

  3. voice of nature: pesticide pollution degrading environment
    nature is emiting signals, warning us that under the existing format the future is disgusting. she is saying that we can not continue our attempts to ruthlessly dominate her and that if we persist, disaster is in the offing. at the moment the environment appears to be facing a more perilous future that at anytime since pesticide use continue to risk all over the world. environmental integrity, already diminshed by man-made chemicals face new challenges form reckless use of biotechnology as remedial progress. contamination does not recognize or respect political and geographical boundaries, without responsible decisions, making compromises and even sacrifices, we urgently need to look for guidance before taking steps to reengineer the nature.

  4. Say no to smoke……..

    I love my kashmir…..

    Syed Tanveer
    Environmental Advisor, UAE

  5. Great work all of you are doing. It gives a feel of hope and confidence that Beauty of Kashmir will survive the greed of man.
    Is there any simple procedure which can be adopted by people to get rid of litter of plastice lying around us (final disposal) Please give such tips/information on the website so that people can do their bit in this campaign.
    Wishing success to this campaign.

  6. Hi going back to Kashmir later this year. Does anyone have any contact details for an organisation where I can offer voluntary work to help clean the lake? Sue

  7. asalamualaikum… yes amazing pics truly…. need to get Kashmir to be really the paradise on the Earth…. Work to get it done…. Celebrate Environmental week with all your efforts….
    Asrar Ashraf Naqshbandi
    Junior Research Fellow
    Department of Environment and Remote Sensing
    Srinagar, J & K.

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