Conservation Efforts

Tulip Garden, Srinagar, Kashmir
Beauty among the hills….
A personal effort of the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Mr.Ghulam Nabi Azad , the Tulip Garden is nestled among the serene Zabarwan Hills.This effort, widely appreciated by one and all will surely go a long way in preservation of the natural beauty and fragile ecosystem of the zabarwan hills and the adjacent area.
It is also turning into a premier tourist attraction.Truly blessed is a nation which preserves the environment and seeks to create glimpses of God’s paradise on the earth.
The Smile of the Angels.Pic Credits : Dr. Farooq A Kaloo, Kashmir A bed of tulips
A view of the tulips. Pic Credits : Dr. Farooq A Kaloo, Kashmir
rows of tulips
The mosaic.Pic Credits : Dr. Farooq A Kaloo, Kashmir
Mosaic of Colours
Beauty in rows.Pic Credits : Dr. Farooq A Kaloo, Kashmir

“Badaam Waer” or Almond Alcove. The lost Kashmiri tradition of celebrating almond bloom has been revived with the efforts of the Jammu and Kashmir Bank which turned this historic almond orchard called Bagh-e-waaris khan on the banks of pokhribal into a beautiful park.The almond trees have been assimilated beautifully into the well landscaped park. Not only has the tradition been revived but a big boost has been given tothe conservation of Dal and Nigeen lakes which the park overlooks. A commendable effort indeed!
The architechture is truly reflective of the glorious mughal era.
Pic Credits: green hopes

Stone carving

A beautiful stone carving inside the park.
Pic Credits: green hopes
A view inside

The well laid paths inside the park are a pleasure to walk on.
Pic Credits: green hopes

almond path
The revival path.Pic Credits: green hopes
view from badam wari
Nigeen lake view from “Badaam Waer”. Pic Credits: green hopes

The Department of Tourism is developing this park on the banks of Nigeen Lake. This laudable effort will help prevent enchroachments and boost the conservation efforts.
Landscaping in progress
Landscaping in progress. Pic Credits: green hopes
Park on Nigeen Lake
A plant nursery being watered in the park under development.
Pic Credits: green hopes
House boats on the fringes of the lake
House Boats on the fringes of the lake visible from the park
Pic Credits: green hopes
A view from the park
A view of the lake from the park. Pic Credits: green hopes

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  1. You are right. Every effort of conservation is worth appreciation. We are averting environmental disaster with every such effort. You deserve appreciation too for your effort.

  2. U r the best i ever c the idea
    Encouraged people achieve the best; dominated people achieve second best; neglected people achieve the least.
    n u r the best….keep it up

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