Nigeen Lake gasping for breath

Nigeen Lake in Kashmir once used to be known for its beauty and clear waters.Pollution, enchroachment and official negligence have not only resulted in its deterioration but its now fast turning into a swamp.


blood on the oar
I got blood on my oar.Pic credits: green hopes.
Plastic in water
Plastic bags, plastic bags, plastic bags……..what to say.
pic credits: green hopes

Pollution in pokhribal
Left over rice cooked on marriages is also dumped into the lake.
Pic credits: green hopes.

Grazing on the water
Cattle can now freely graze inside the lake. Pic credits: green hopes
Rowing in the muck
It is quite a task for boatmen to wade through these weeds. Pic credits: green hopes

Several parts of this famous lake are now hostage to these ubiquitous weeds.Pic credits: green hopes
Algae in Nigeen Lake
Algae and weed cover many parts of Nigeen Lake Pic Credits: green hopes
Algae cover Nigeen
Choked. A view of the deterioration of the Nigeen Lake.
Pic Credits: green hopes
weed collection
The first step wards enchroachment. Fishing out the weeds from the lake.
Pic credits: green hopes
Fishing in the weeds.Pic credits: green hopes
Only weeds can be seen in plenty now.
Pic credits: green hopes

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  1. I live on the western side of Nageen Lake. This is disheartning to see the plight of the lake. You must be aware that the drainage/sewage of Shooru, Umer Colony, Kanitar, saderbal is straightway getting its way into lake from Kawoosa Bagh side i.e. north of lake. Everything flows unabated in the lake. The drains are built by Govt. and emptying drainage into Lake is to be stopped.

  2. It was the time when i was studying in REC srinagr,i and my friends used to have a deep evening and the morning walk from the gate to Rainawari,our break fast was the fresh air and the dinner the cool breez,As you say that it has becom the dump and definitly will be biological decomposition which will affect all that side which once was the heaven. i thaink LAWDA has already made the sewage treatment plant……and they should make one near sadekadel if i m not mistaken the name n the place……to collect all the drainage and if necessary make the networks to save the Nigeen lake and surely never die the fame of the lake ,……i ever love the lake…..missing my REC and the lake

  3. I read your World Environment Day guidelines in alphabetical order …It is wonderful and keep going.

  4. i live just a walking distance from the Nigeen lake, and i too am concerned about the Govt drive to drain in the sewage of bagwan pora in the lake. The menace of the Houseboat is also polluting the lake, and the tourists who stay in these houseboats are also responsible for polluting the lake, they have no septic tanks .
    the writer of the this article i doubt might have stayed in houseboat that is why there is no mention of that menace., and no pics of the houseboat polluting the lake.

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