Heal the Earth…….Say No to Polythene Bags


Plastic bags consumed this year:

The ticking clock indicates the number of plastic bags used this year all over the globe.
This racing counter is a grim reminder of the fact that we are suffocating mother earth every minute with more than a million plastic bags which will stay here for centuries to come, long after we and several of our coming generations have left this earth. If you are concerned about the state of the environment and want to leave a cleaner and a less suffocating planet for our coming generations, then staying quiet should no longer be an option. Green Hopes the launch of a campaign against polythene and plastic abuse.The number of plastic bags used all over the globe every year runs into trillions.Being non-biodegradable these bags will continue to haunt several generations to come over centuries.While much is being thought and done about this menace all over the globe , very little attention is paid on this problem in eco-fragile kashmir.It is high time that we as a community rise against this menace and work tirelessly towards winning this arduous battle.We have launched a campaign site where you can share your ideas with us and participate and add your voice to this campaign.Remember, All things big have a small beginning.We have launched a campaign site where you can share your ideas with like minded people and can participate and add your voice to this campaign. All things big have a small beginning.   

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To see more about the damage being caused by polythene, visit this post.

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  1. I am a teacher in burnhall school,Kashmir and our school is also participating in the campaign”say no to polythene bags”.

  2. I am a student in Tiny Harts school(class-10)….and our school is participating in the movement “say no to plastic bags”…………………..

  3. I m aa student of CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL.JALANDHAR and our school is also participating in this movement “SAY NO TO PLASTIC BAGS”

  4. i am a student of christ king convent school and our school is participating in movement SAy NO TO PLASTIC BAGS our school has organised exhibhition in which paper bags are sold to people

  5. It is wonderful to know that children have taken the lead in “No Polythene”, campaign and it will definitely fetch fruitful results. Let us all cooperate with them.

  6. I am a student of class 5th in Tiny Harts School, Srinagar. My message for the masses is to contribute towards cleaning environment by destroying all polythene bags and punish those who make use of these.

  7. plastic bags & plastic glasses (disposable) which are very common in use these days should be completely replaced by sustainable materials

  8. My message for the
    students is that we should come forward
    in making world polythene free.

  9. polythene bags are a a global menace…so lets strive 2 make this world polythene free…so that we can live healthy…

  10. Hi, Good luck in your campaign against polythene bags, but if you want to see some real abuse of polythene, consider the 1000s of acres covered in Polytunnels throughout the Uk. Here in Kent we have an application to cover around 800 acres, nearly the size of Monnoco, and 300 Wembley stadiums, that just one Farmer.
    So how many plastic bags does it take to make a strawberry ???

  11. I m parent care executive of shri jain public school. I want to wish u for your compaign against polythene bags n my school is also participating in the campaign ” say no to polythene”

  12. I am a business man from Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh, I am distributing pamphlets to avoid using polythene bags and how to reduce the usage of polythene bags,and prepare to printing posters about the losses for using plastic and we also prepare our clubs to avoid using plastic.

  13. I am aa engineering student and I urge each and every mankind to minimize the use of “PLASTIC BAGS” as less as possible…

    please do your bit and notice the change…

  14. Myself Dr. Sajiwan Kumar working as an Assistant Professor, School of Studies in Forestry & Wildlife, Bastar University at Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh state. I am always trying to teach the person surrounding me about the topic of Environmental aspect, including danger of polythene bags on livestock, wildlife, water, soil and plant, over all we can say environment. I am also trying to aware students of our University to say “STOP POLYTHENE & ADOPT GREEN BAG Made by Bilogical Fibres”.


  15. I am bank officer in Hyderabad and I am propagating against use of plastic things since 1997 through pamphlets and posters. I give lectures at exhibitions and colleges against use of polythene bags and advise to use cloth bags, steel cups and take water bottle from home. We can thousands of polythene bags if stick to our old tradition to carry our own bag from home. Put two bags in Two wheeler and four bags in four wheeler.I am implementing and telling what I follow.

  16. hey my Indian men/women/children start 4rom 2day that when ever we go with a hand made jute bag & NO TO POLTHENE BAGS

  17. i am a student of E.sc, i am fully against the use of polythene bags, as it iz a non bioderadable substance which deteriorates the quality of earth and makes her to cry of which most of us are unfamiliar.

  18. i am a school teacher n we have started a campaign ‘say no to polythene’.all students staff are using either jute bags or fancy jholas.we are about to organise a poster competetion on the teachers’ day n we are invititng the parents to make them aware of the harms that usage of polys is doin to the environment.

  19. SAY……………..
    ‘NO TO PLASTIC,………

    Iam the student of engineering strictly willing to reduce the plastic to much extent……….

  20. Am a stdnt in form three in ngugu ini high schóol and as the compound i make sure all polythene bags are well disposed properly

  21. Plastic bags a scourge to the nature…..lets not only wipe them out of our lives….but also from our hearts….Lets detest the liking for plastic bags and also its adviocates…whoever it may be the grocery shop wala, sabji wala, or may be the most prolific brands at ur fav malls….Onus is on us….how to take this forward….Hope we will fight to the last.

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