I wept…with me wept the Dal Lake

on May14

Dal Lake needs no introduction. The most famous and often quoted symbol of Kashmir is in fact the Dal Lake.It would not be wrong to say that most parts of Srinagar city lie in the vicinity of this lake. The crown of kashmir unfortunately is breathing is last. It has shrunk to almost one sixth of its original size. Human greed,callous authorities and criminal neglect by all residents of kashmir have brought it almost to the point of being consigned to the dustbin of history.Kashmir is the only place on earth where lake dwellers have filled the lake over the years and have earned legal rights too.They are being compensated for plunder and enchroachment of public property and national treasure. The level of pollution in the Dal lake is now beyond definition by any statistics. While token protests and half hearted attempts have been going on, radical measures are warranted.Swift and abrupt end to the floating gardens. should be the first priority. They are the most convenient and frequently used way of enchroaching the lake. Demolition of all habitations within the lake which have no legal basis. Lake dwellers have rights to live in boats and not in houses within the lake.Limiting the number of house boats and ensuring that each one is fitted with latest sewage treatment facilities. Stopping all sewage from flowing into the lake.

It may seem to be a tough ask. Yes it is. But it is not only Dal lake but the kashmiri nation which is dying.We have to race against time to save ourselves by salvaging the Dal lake. When Delhi, a city of 15 million can transform its whole public transport within a few months, why cant we do something about our priceless treasure. Delhi is the first city in the world which has less polluting fuels for whole of its public transport system. We should Invite foreign consortia. Fund raising can be done to supplement the funds already earmarked for the lake.Moreover, international financial assistance can also be sought.We can impose a special levy or cess to raise funds over a ten year period exclusively for the conservation of the Dal Lake on the analogy of the education cess to raise funds for Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan at the central level.

Build a system of roads and parks on the whole boundry of the lake. This will put an end to the enchroachment and conserve the lake for posterity. We must wake up.

Tel Bal Nallah

The tel bal nallah is extremely important for the sustainance of Dal Lake. Not only is the water level in the lake regulated by its flow, the breeding of fish thriving in dal lake depends on the nallah to a great extent.The nallah , has unfortunately got badly polluted and is adding to the woes of the lake. Here are a few glimpes of the rot at the mouth of the nallah and the settling basin at the foreshore road.

Cooling off


telbal nallah


Telbal nallah


Telbal Nallah


Telbal Nallah

Telbal Nallah

tel bal nallah pollution

Dal Lake Proper

vegetation in Dal

vegetation inDal




Ducks in the lake
This may soon be a forgotten site.

Foot wear
Foot wear is found floating in abundance in the lake.

Polythene in dal lake

Pollution in Dal Lake
A drain emptying directly into the lake.

Pollution in Dal Lake

Pollution in Dal Lake

Pollution in Dal Lake

Pollution in Dal Lake

Pollution in Dal Lake

Pollution in Dal Lake
Thick algal blooms have suffocated the lake.

Pollution in Dal Lake

Pollution in Dal Lake

Pollution in Dal Lake

Pollution in Dal Lake

Pollution in Dal Lake

Pollution in Dal Lake

Polluted Dal Lake

Polluted Dal Lake

Polluted Dal Lake

Polluted Dal Lake

Algal Blooms in Dal lake

Algae in Dal lake

Polluted Dal Lake

Polluted Dal Lake

The Life line of the lake, the countless springs on the shores of the lake which used to nourish the lake are all but dead.They cry for conservation and attention.
dried up springs in dal lake
A spring on the shores of Dal Lake which has dried up and has not been conserved .

Springs feeding Dal lake
This used to be a spring right on the shores of the lake. Now in disuse and damaged.

Springs Feeding Dal Lake

A spring on the shores of dal lake

Springs Feeding Dal Lake

Springs Feeding Dal Lake

Springs Feeding Dal Lake

Springs Feeding Dal Lake

Lost Glory

Lost Glory

Sad Sight

Sad Sight

stagnant despair

stagnant despair


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  1. sajad hussain wani


    I share your pain

  2. 2

    i appriciate u for it

  3. 3

    I really appreciate your effort to highlight the cause. I am equally appalled at the present state of the lake and am trying to get some people together to try and do our bit.

    I would really appreciate if you joined this and lent your thoughts and support to the cause:


    PS: This is not another rhetorical discussion group. We actually intend to put our hands where our mouth is.




  5. md firoz


    great work bro…keep it up and i hope people will learn from you something…

  6. ruhul nissa


    can u pls give me d details abt d places where u tuk dese pictures. i vl be grateful. i need d details urgently

  7. dev khurana


    we r making a proposal to LAWDA to clean up the dal…would appreciate your inputs. do pl get in touch. EXTINCTION is truly a terrible word but inevitable without immediate and sustained action

  8. Surindar Koul


    Dear Shuja
    Your pictures convey the loss much more powerfully than any written article could have done. It has to be a misssion to be carried out by the people. Wating for govt agencies to do any fruitful work is only going to worsen the situation.
    People awareness programes especially involving our children and seeking their active participation in the localities of their residence is going to be of great help. Organising road shows is needed.

  9. inayat tantry


    i don’t now wheather you really wept or not but after reading this post i am really weeping.
    hats off to you buddy.

  10. nadiya shafi M.S.W. student in kashmir university


    this is great bhai.i have also seen there because i was on field work.

  11. Dr Qazi Irfan


    Great work Dr Shuja! Its a good and honest effort.

  12. saby


    It is refreshing to see someone taking the initiative.Thanks

  13. 13

    i m with u and i m doing personally my best to save the lake.i appreciate the working of LAWDA. May Almighty Allah help u forward….

  14. Sue



    Just back from Dal lake where I stayed on a houseboat. I concurr, the pollution is appalling. I saw a dead animal floating in the water about 4 rows of boats back from the front line of houseboats. I think the first thing which needs to be addressed though is public attitude to rubbish disposal. Everyone I saw including my guides threw all manner of things either from their car, straight into the lake from their boats or on the path where they were walking. Should this not be tackled first??

  15. shahid


    i have same pain as u.
    i have taken few lines of ur expression of pain … of the samee cause….
    thankzzzzzzz for such articleeeee…

  16. arif amin


    i appreciate your move…..
    tucking this issue under the carpet is not the solution
    we should really work to preserve what is yet left undeteriorated

  17. Azhar


    I appreciate the work done. This is what a concious citizen should do. But I suppose these are the old photographs and a lot of work has been done by the LWWDA. There are photographs of the lake taken in front of the Nishat garden, it is a clear water body now with so many developmental works done from Nishat to Habak area by the authority at the helm of affairs.

  18. 18

    Our Scavenger2000 Decontamination Vessel can help the situation on Dal Lake.

  19. Syed Tanveer


    Great Contribution, and nice touching title…

    Syed Tanveer
    Environmental Advisor, UAE

  20. kanwal


    great concern,
    Investigate- where has money gone to clean the lake?

  21. komal gupta



    A SWOT BRUNT …..


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