Dying lakes

on Jul8

Anchar Lake- Heritage Lost. Drains,enchroachment ,official negligence and above all human greed have all but destroyed this lake in kashmir which has shrunk to a third of its original size. Can posterity ever forgive this unpardonable crime of ours.

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Combating Climate Change and Global Warming – 365 days a year

on Jun14

Starting June 5 we pledged to celebrate every day as the World Environment Day to protect our natural resources and combat climate change and global warming 1.Taking the message of UNEP to the masses, green hopes chief volunteer wrote a piece in a leading english daily of kashmir enlisting the “80 ways to celebrate” world […]


I wept…with me wept the Dal Lake

on May14

Dal Lake needs no introduction. The most famous and often quoted symbol of Kashmir is in fact the Dal Lake.It would not be wrong to say that most parts of Srinagar city lie in the vicinity of this lake. The crown of kashmir unfortunately is breathing is last. It has shrunk to almost one sixth […]


Nigeen Lake gasping for breath

Nigeen Lake in Kashmir once used to be known for its beauty and clear waters.Pollution, enchroachment and official negligence have ...

CLEAN UP AT 12000 Feet

Gangabal is one of the most amazing , high altitude lakes situated at the base of the daunting Mount Harmukh.[slideshow ...


THEME OF WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY 2011 Forests: Nature At Your Service Forests cover one third of the earth’s land mass, performing vital ...


Message for World Environment Day, 2010  by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon Biodiversity, the incredible variety of life on Earth that ...